Pat's School of Dance & Gymnastics

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All of our classes at Pat's School of Dance & Gymnastics will assist your child in developing their basic motor skills and self confidence as they progress through their formative years and beyond.  Below you will find general information regarding each class we offer.  Please feel free in contacting us with any questions you have about our dance school.

Requires tap shoes, leotards and tights.  Tap techniques start at the beginning level for age 3 through advanced,


Requires shoes, leotard and tights.  Ballet techniques starts at the beginning level for age 3 through advanced.


Requires ballet shoes or jazz shoes, leotard and tights.  Jazz is freestyle ballet and Hip Hop is introduced at the intermediate level through advanced with up-to-date clean music.


Requires ballet shoes or bare feet, leotard and tights.  Lessons begin at the age of 3 with forward rolls and progresses to back hand springs.